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NSSL is the leading manufacturer and exporter of valves and stands as one of the largest plants of its kind in India.

The unit with constant efforts, dedication and with the help of experienced technical personnel is now manufacturing Industrial Valves as large as 80" in size and pressure class up to ANSI 2500 psi in Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steels and Duplex - Super Duplex material for different applications.

The valves manufactured in the unit are being used in the Core Sector projects and replacements.
The clientele both in Government and in Non-Government Sectors are very wide.

The encouragement extended by the prestigious customers in the field of Oil, Gas, Energy, Refinery, Fertilizer, Steel Sectors, Water De- salination plants, Power Plants and Nuclear Plants have helped the unit to develop and market products which are of import substitute nature, such as valves for CRYO application, Valves for SOUR GAS application (NACE Standard as per MR-01-75) valves for Hydrogen Service, Oxygen Service, Seismic Service and CNG Service.
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