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Brass Valve Division - Plant & Machinery

The division is equipped with imported forging presses of capacity 40 MT to 300 MT and having unique feature of hollow forging facility.

The forge shop is supported with high speed and high accuracy blank cutting machines, trimming machines and as well as tool room.

The sophisticated machines such as Single Spindle and multi spindle automats where, mass production within close tolerances could be achieved.

The unit has capacity to produce 500 to 600 MTPA of non ferrous forging duly machined.

In addition, the Unit can machine 150 to 200 MTPA of ferrous and non-ferrous components.

Single Spindle INDEX Machine

Forging Press ROVETTA 300 MT Capacity

Single Spindle Index Machine

Multi Spindle Gieldmister Machine

Multi Spindle Gieldmister Machines