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Corporate Social Responsibility

NSSL PRIVATE LTD. is environment conscious and optimises waste as much as possible. We have in-house setup of STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) and ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) which ensure environment is not harmed by plant waste.


NSSL PRIVATE LTD. realizes that groundwater is scarce. Keeping conservation as the objective, we practice rain water harvesting in our organization. Rain water is accumulated and directed to a nearby well.

The new project is made as per all the specifications of ‘Green Building Certification'. This plant's architectural design enables it to make the most use of natural light and air. Hence, energy consumption is reduced.

NSSL PRIVATE LTD. takes pride to employ differently-abled people in the organization. We consider deaf & dumb candidates for employment with a vision that they grow and enable themselves to live independently.

NSSL PRIVATE LTD. has also provided water tanks to the Gram Panchayat of Nildoh village. We organize blood donation camp annually.

NSSL PRIVATE LTD. ensures conservation of energy. Lights, computers, ACs and other electronic equipments are turned off when not needed. Bulbs have been replaced by tubelights which produce less heat. At many places it uses compact fluorescent light bulbs which produce the same amount of light by using 1/4 of the electricity.



NECO is a progressive corporate citizen and discharges its corporate social responsibility with great zeal. NECO is doing different types of welfare activities for the various villages situated at nearby areas of their units such as:

  • Raipur (6 villages),
  • Raigarh (16 villages),
  • Bhanupratappur (5 villages),
  • Naraianpur (2 villages),
  • Hazaribagh (7 villages)
  • Health Care
  • Drinking Water Facility
  • Water reserve development
  • Village Development
  • Educational Activities
  • Socio-cultural Activities


  • Health Check-up Camps for Villagers (12 camps covering almost 6000 beneficiaries)
  • Free Eye Camps (5 camps covering almost 500 beneficiaries)
  • Distribution of Preventive Medicines to combat Swine flue (10 Camps covering about 15,000 people)
  • Mobile Dispensary distributing free ayurvedic medicines covering about 30 Villages.



  • Ambulance providing free service to nearby Villages at Raipur and Raigarh
  • Awareness Program for Sickle Cell Disease (a prevalent blood disorder in Central India) through Puppet show, organized at Rajyotsav-2009 (Viewership about 10,000)
  • Voluntary blood test done to check whether they were Sickle Cell positive.
  • Various other tests (Blood Group, Blood Pressure, Diabetics, X-ray, ECG, etc) at different camps organized
  • Free service and free distribution of medicines by Health Provider covering 10 Villages around Metal Mines
  • Treatment to combat Malaria in the villages near Coal Mines area
  • Yog Se Nirog, a 7-day programme in each of the 10 Villages covering about 5000 people
  • Camp for the disabled and distribution of Tri-cycle



  • Digging of tube wells and repair of existing tube wells at various locations (38 numbers)
  • Provision of 11 submersible pumps at Raipur, Raigarh and Bhanupratappur
  • Construction of overhead water tanks and laying of pipelines in Raipur and Raigarh (6 numbers)
  • Provision of water tanker to various villages in Summer season
  • Water treatment to provide portable drinking water to villagers


  • Cleaning and deepening of Ponds at various locations (20 Ponds)
  • Construction of Pacheri at various locations (18 numbers)
  • Pond deepening and beautification at nagar nigam area of Raipur


  • Construction and Maintenance of Roads (28 km at Metal Mines area, 4.5 km at Coal Mines area)
  • Repair of roads and construction of drains at the location of Steel
  • Plant Division as per the need
  • Water Sprinkling on the village roads to prevent dust
  • Construction and repair of School Buildings and Boundary Walls, Panchayat Bhawan, Cultural & Recreation Halls and Temples
  • Support in the construction of Stadium at Raigarh
  • Provide Street Lights at different villages
  • Construction of Muktidham at 2 Panchayats of Raipur
  • Employment to Land loosers


  • Payment of Salary to adhoc teachers appointed at village schools at Raipur and Raigarh
  • Bus facility to school children of villages around Coal Mines area
  • Reward to meritorious students of different classes at the villages of different locations
  • Technical training of villagers to upgrade their skill and provide employment in the company thereafter (150 persons covered so far)


  • Associate in the conduct of various sports events
  • Participate and support local Madai and Mela
  • Participate in Rajyotsav at Raipur and Chakradhar Samaroh at Raigarh
  • Support villagers in organizing various religious and social functions like Durga Puja, Ganesh Puja, etc
  • Organized Bhajan Sandhya Nirdhan kanya vivah
  • Distribution of food and clothes to Orphans

  • NSSL PRIVATE LTD. Corporate Social Responsibility