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Valve Servicing & Repair - Plant & Machinery

World Class Mobile Repair Facility:

  • 40 feet mobile workshop for testing, calibration &overhaul of safety relief valves and control valves onsite.
  • Different sizes of test benches, lapping M/cs, lathe are housed inside the mobile workshop for versatile operations on site.
  • Injection of sealant & lubricant in ball & plug valves can be done on site by high pressure grease pump which builds up to 15,000 psig
  • Commissioning & troubleshooting of various types and makes of actuators on site
  • In-situ lapping of valves for body and seat areas of gate, globe & check valves are performed using the advanced site lapping equipment.

  • Field hydro testing of various types & sizes of valves using mobile test skid, quick filling high-pressure pumps and mobile compressors is our specialty.
  • Test benches: state of the art facility designed to perform air & hydro tests on all types & sizes of valves
  • High torque equipment: Up to 30,000 NM that can be developed for tightening of bolts and nuts of different sizes.
  • Welding & machining: Hard face materials for seat areas like Satellite, Cr Alloys and corrosion resistance materials for body & seat areas like Inconel and SS
  • Control valves: OEM trained technicians carry out calibration & diagnostic bench
  • Testing for various control valves